Dry Skin Edition

Dry Skin Edition

Have you at any point seen what the seasons mean for your skin's appearance? Assuming this is the case, you might have seen that generally the colder cold weather months significantly impact the way your skin looks and cause your skin to seem dry, stretchy, and frequently flaky. The natural oils present in our skin act as a defense barrier and provide hydration to our skin, trapping moisture in the skin cells. At the point when the temperature gets colder, the variation in the environmental humidity, the cold breezes, rain, and low temperatures disturb the skin's natural oils bringing about a damaged skin barrier, which prompts dry and itchy skin since moisturization is fundamental for the skin barrier to perform well. Furthermore, hot water baths can likewise harm the skin's surface and cause dryness. Skin damage can be deteriorated by utilizing high-pH cleansers and avoiding moisturization

Symptoms of dry skin:

  • Flakiness or rough texture
  • Redness
  • Scaliness
  • Raw, irritated skin
  • Itchiness
  • Cracks in your skin
  • Stinging or burning

It is significant that any effective skincare items you apply to your skin are suitable for your skin type and have skin-nurturing components that function admirably with your skin. Thus, if you have dry skin, we have you covered. Here are some dermatologist-recommended skincare products that you can include in your skincare routine, so you don't need to spend the whole winter feeling hopeless and awkward in your skin. Keep reading to know how to get rid of dry skin during winters!

Gentle and hydrating face cleanser: Moisturizers might be what you look for most if you have dry skin. But face cleansers, in any case, are also vital in your skincare kit for keeping up with the best appearance and feel of your skin. The purpose of including a face cleanser is to clean the oil, dirt, debris, and dead skin cells from the skin's surface. In this manner, most face cleansing formulations contain harsh ingredients to give strong cleansing, which is excessively unsafe for the facial skin. It makes the skin over dry and harsh, prompting specific issues like redness and itching. You should continuously search for a cleaner that contains ingredients that are hydrating and can balance your skin's pH level.

Choose Fixderma Face21 Cleanser: This dermatologist-approved pH-balanced face cleanser is formulated especially for dry, and sensitive skin. It cleans up the daily dirt & grime from the skin without disturbing the normal moisture balance. Post cleansing, skin feels hydrated and clean with no dryness or inconvenience.

Incorporate Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic acid is the one skin care product that will get your skin hydrated quickly. The extraordinary benefit of hyaluronic acid is it holds hydration in the skin cells it is an active ingredient that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At the point when your skin is dry, it might feel saggy more quickly than normal, however applying hyaluronic acid topically forestalls that. It firms out the skin, making it look more young and plump, by providing more hydration to the skin.

For effective hyaluronic acid, try Fixderma Age Reverse Serum. This dermatologically suggested hyaluronic acid-based serum is a deductively planned definition to feed each layer of skin. It builds the skin's elasticity and firmness and diminishes the rough texture on the skin’s surface by filling the skin with moisture for a hydrating impact and rejuvenating dull, dry skin effortlessly.

Moisturizer: Especially with regards to the face, where the skin is more delicate, dry skin can be an everyday fight. It is vital to continually provide the skin with the proper moisture it needs. Face creams for dry skin will be thicker and contain a blend of humectants, which pull water to the skin to assist it with holding moisture, occlusives, which act as a physical barrier to forestall lack of hydration, and emollients, which go about as sealing agents to keep moisture in.

Go for Fixderma Moisturizing Cream, this expert-suggested cream is made for dry skin with skin-hydrating ingredients which restore the pH balance, hence, repair the disturbed skin barrier. This moisturizing cream is possessing superb occlusive and locks the moisture inside our skin. This cream renews, nourishes, and soothes skin irritation and dryness with anti-inflammatory protection

Protection from UV Rays: Our everyday healthy skin routine ought to constantly incorporate sunscreen regardless of what the weather conditions outside are! Winter is practically here, and the sun is scarcely visible in this season, so individuals will generally skip sunscreen figuring their skin won't get harmed. Be that as it may, the sun is still there regardless of whether it not visible. Sunscreen is imperative as it safeguards us from the UV radiation of the sun. It is constantly suggested by skin experts and dermatologists that sunscreen is significant 365 days every year for healthy and more youthful-looking skin.

So, if you are searching for the best sunscreen for dry skin, try Fixderma Shadow SPF50+ Cream. This sunscreen gives a broad spectrum of protection from UVB radiations and has a rating of PA+++ which gives outrageous protection from UVA radiations. The most outstanding aspect of this sunscreen is that it safeguards the skin from sun harm as well as a moisturizer the skin as well, which is an unquestionable requirement for dry skin.

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